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Religious jewels dedicated to St. Francis… and not only

The delicate jewel pendants by Humilis combine the strength of religious faith with elegance and refinement of high-quality ornaments, to be worn every day or on more formal occasions, in combination with other Humilis creations.

Our religious pendants are one of a kind: inspired by the life and works of St. Francis or by Italian cities, the many options available make these jewels the perfect accessory to play with imagination and versatility. In fact, you can choose the finish, whether polished or satin, the shape, the symbol, the stones, and the metal you like best among those in the catalogue. Not to mention the possibility of wearing Humilis jewel pendants in combination with other ornaments or individually, changing the look and the message you want to convey to the world every day.

Humilis makes its pendants using silver, yellow gold plated silver, rose gold plated silver, or yellow, white, or rose gold. Discover the many collections of our city-inspired and Catholic pendants, match them, and let your beauty shine.

Jewel pendants to match any style

The religious pendants of the Rosone collection are the perfect representation of excellent Made in Italy craftsmanship. These silver and gold pendants are indeed unique jewellery: they faithfully represent the rose windows of the most important Italian basilicas, such as that of St. Francis of Assisi. These ornaments are available in three different sizes, and are ideal for those who want to wear a true piece of art around their neck: unique, refined, elegant, and recognizable.

For the Classica collection, we at Humilis studied and designed a unique pattern in which the Tau, the Saint's signature and symbol of faith, rotates in high relief around the circumference of the element. The polished finish, enhanced by the low relief with a satin finish, makes this St. Francis pendant bright and three-dimensional. The Catholic pendant from the Classica collection, given its small size and multifunctional design, is synonymous with versatility: it can be used with a Humilis chain or as a charm to enrich a bracelet.

The Iter collection boasts a large selection of different models and workmanships, so that you can choose the look you prefer every day. Iter is a journey through Italy, a journey through life’s most beautiful memories. In this collection, through the iconic symbols of the Italian cities chosen by Humilis as the locations for its boutiques, gold and silver pendants have been created to pay homage to the history and spirituality of each place, and the uniqueness of our land. The dome of the Roman Pantheon is represented in a circular jewel pendant, the architecture of the Vatican is embellished with cubic zirconia or diamonds, the lily of Florence is available in multiple finishes, the iron bow of the Venetian gondola is enriched with a pavé of cubic zirconia on the link and counter link, and the flower of the Doge’s Palace with a double texture polished on the outside and satin-finished on the inside. Just select your favourite city to get closer to the history and faith that unites you with the world.

The line of religious pendant crosses in the Segno and Canticum collections has as its identifying symbol the Tau cross that becomes a jewel, to be worn always around the neck, for a St. Francis’ inspired pendant Made in Assisi. Our crosses are iconic jewels: this is why they are available in different sizes and in all the finishes proposed by Humilis, such as the classic polished and satin-finished or the double finish, polished in the high relief of the cross that acts as a border to the satin-finish of the low relief. Or again in the particular variants of the Canticum collection in which the Humilis crosses are embellished with zircons or coloured precious stones to represent the natural elements found in the Canticle of Creatures.

The Preghiere collection is the greatest symbol of friendship, fraternity, and love of neighbour, thanks to the blessing that Saint Francis of Assisi wrote to his fraternal friend Brother Leo to comfort and encourage him. The religious pendant of this collection has the prayer that Francis gave to his friend engraved in high relief, which stands out thanks to its polished finish on the satin-finished part of the low relief. Each ‘t’ in the blessing is replaced by the sign with which Francis liked to sign his letters, the Tau. In the centre of the pendant there is a dove as a symbol of peace; three of them can also be found at the end of the blessing to represent the Trinity, to reinforce the message that this religious jewel wishes to communicate. The Catholic pendants of the Benedizione collection are special gifts of faith and friendship.

Finally, the San Francesco e il Lupo collection is inspired by the story reported in St. Francis “Fioretti”, in which he, summoned by the people of Gubbio frightened by a ferocious wolf, tamed it. These jewel medals are available in different sizes, in 925 silver and 18-carat gold, with a polished and satin finish, or in a version enriched with cubic zirconia in the medal frame and in the counter link. The pendant dedicated to St. Francis and the wolf represents a unique iconography, created exclusively by the Humilis designers for the creation of this jewellery.

Wearing Humilis silver and gold pendants means wearing history and faith.