Classica Collection

Send a message of faith to the world

Inspired by the character of the “Poverello of Assisi”, the Classica collection has the Tau cross as its identifying symbol to attest to the Franciscan values on which Humilis creations are based.

The Tau that we propose in all our jewellery is a tribute that comes to life from the history and values that St. Francis of Assisi left to posterity. His signature, engraved in the jewellery of the Classica collection, is made of 18-carat gold and 925 sterling silver with double workmanship - polished in the high relief and satin-finished in the low relief - to convey beauty and three-dimensionality. A sign of faith to always carry with you, emphasized by the preciousness of the materials and craftsmanship.

The Tau in the Classica collection jewels

The Tau of Humilis in the Classica collection is depicted in rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants with a special feature. This line, in fact, studies the shape of the symbol and its graphic rendering: through the Tau, unique patterns have been created so that it stands out in high relief through the polished finish. This structure sometimes runs through the entire jewel, while in other pieces it follows a seemingly random pattern. The graphic details are designed to give a sense of movement through alternating sizes and textures.

How to combine the jewellery from the Classica collection? You can choose to wear them together with other jewellery from the same line, to always carry the Franciscan Tau with you in different variations. Our goldsmiths know how to create the kind of beauty that allows the sacredness of unmistakable jewellery like Humilis to shine.