St. Francis’ Tau

The meaning of a symbol of faith

The Assisi Tau, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is indicated in the Bible as a symbol of salvation and it is the sign with which St. Francis liked to sign letters and blessings.

St. Francis’ love for the Tau was a feeling that stemmed from a passionate veneration for the Holy Cross. It represented the concrete sign of his salvation and Christ’s victory over evil: a true path to redemption through the cross.

Today, the Assisi Tau is a symbol of Franciscan spirituality and embodies values such as love for peace, joy, and creation.

The Humilis project was born with the intention of bringing these values inside precious jewellery to keep them and have them always with you. This is why we made the St. Francis Tau our distinctive signature, the cardinal symbol of our creations, just as the Saint himself made the profound meaning of this sign his own.

Our most distinctive jewellery, inspired by the character of the “Poverello of Assisi”, therefore bears the Tau cross to represent Franciscan values. A tribute that comes to life from the history and teachings that Saint Francis of Assisi left to posterity: his unique signature, engraved in our jewellery belonging to the collections Classica and Segno.