Tau earrings

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A symbol of faith, a stylish jewel

The Tau earrings are part of Humilis’ most classic and traditional line, the Segno collection, in which the religious symbol of the Tau cross - the luminous guide of our creations inspired by the life of St. Francis - recalls the founding values of the Assisian Saint’s faith. The Tau earrings are unisex jewellery, for both men and women, available in standard sizes but in multiple finishes.

The essential and refined design and the Tau symbol on the earrings make them unmistakable religious jewellery. Characterized by minimal lines, they are suitable for those who prefer the comfort and elegance of pendantless earrings without giving up on the uniqueness of a piece of jewellery entirely made in Italy.

A special religious jewel, rich in spirituality and a symbol of faith, perfect to light up any face and feel close to one’s beliefs. The Tau cross earrings are essential, ideal to wear in everyday life so that the message of faith and salvation that the cross carries is always present.

Tau cross earrings, the epitome of religious jewellery

Tau earrings are made exclusively in 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold or in 925 silver, yellow gold-plated silver, or rose gold-plated silver. The excellent workmanship means that they can be considered the ultimate expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

These pieces of jewellery are produced in a single size, but the Tau symbol on the earrings is available in a variety of finishes: polished, satin, or embellished with cubic zirconia pavé, for a wide variety of options to choose from.

These earrings are inspired by the figure of the “poverello” of Assisi, as evidenced by the depiction of the Tau cross, a symbol of Franciscan values, a tribute that comes to life from the history and values that Saint Francis of Assisi left to posterity. Given their universal message, the Tau cross earrings are unisex and adaptable to any outfit because they are discreet and essential: elegant points of light that embellish the face of the wearer.

Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and water-resistant, the Tau earrings by Humilis are the ideal gift to surprise your loved ones with simplicity and sophistication that you can always carry with you.