Preghiere Collection

Jewels that carry a message of unity

The Preghiere collection (“benedizione” means “blessing” in Italian) is a symbol of faith, deep love, and encouragement. The story behind these jewellery pieces reveals their uniqueness.

We possess no writings about many saints, except what was written about them often after their death. On the other hand, a considerable number of documents of Francis remain thanks to Brother Leo, who lovingly preserved every letter and writing of the saint, carrying them with devotion throughout his life. A faithful friend, inseparable secretary, simple and pure interpreter of the Saint's thoughts, he was an eyewitness to his last years.

This fraternal love and the profound bond that existed between the two is still testified by the autograph letter that St. Francis gave to Brother Leo: a blessing that the Saint addressed to his companion, who needed comfort and encouragement, and which revealed the union of these men bent on the same goal of persevering in the undertaken mission.

The blessing in the Humilis jewellery

“May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he show you his face and have mercy upon you. May he turn his face to thee and give thee peace. May the Lord bless you.”

This blessing, written on a small sheet of paper in 1224 on Mount La Verna immediately after Francis’ stigmatization, is preserved in the Basilica of Assisi. We at Humilis decided to engrave it also in the rings and pendants of the Benedizione collection, with the addition of the Tau to replace the "t" in the text: a reference to St. Francis and his faith, the luminous and indispensable guide of our project.

The Benedizione collection is made of both 925 silver and 18-carat gold and creates a unique jewellery set consisting of a pendant and a ring. The pendant has the entire blessing of St Francis embossed in high relief, placed in a circle and enriched by a dove right in the centre of the jewel and three doves at the end of the blessing. On the rings, on the other hand, there is a double engraving: the Saint’s prayer is read from the larger Tau on the outside of the ring, and then continues on the inside.