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Religious jewellery: devotion and elegance

Rosoni, Classica, Iter, Segno, Canticum, Benedizione, San Francesco e il Lupo: these are the collections of Catholic religious jewellery that Humilis Made in Assisi has created over the years. Each of them is indissolubly linked to the city of Assisi and the values that St. Francis has always disseminated and proclaimed.

Love, respect, and uniqueness are the pillars of the project that Humilis has been pursuing since 2004. These values are present in every creation, from the most essential pendant to the most elaborate one: all the religious jewellery by Humilis is a perfect example of Made in Italy, created with care and attention to detail by the skilled hands of our craftsmen.

Each Humilis collection is the result of an unparalleled process of creation, which founds its origins in the city of Assisi and in the salvific message of St. Francis, and results in the birth of elegant, simple yet distinctive religious jewellery for teens and adults.

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Our one-of-a-kind religious jewellery

The feature that distinguishes our collections from those of many other brands is the gentleness of style and proportions. Not only the overall design makes the jewellery particularly original, but it also makes it appear respectful of the symbols it represents.

All of our religious jewellery made of 18-carat gold is produced using the same designs as those used for silver jewellery, with no differences in weight or fit. This makes the buying experience special, close to the customer's wishes, without any compromise on the quality of the product, whether one chooses to buy sacred jewellery in silver or gold.

Another strength of the Humilis jewellery collections is the possibility to choose the preferred colour configuration via a tool on the website. In addition to the colour combinations of standard metals and stones, it is also possible to play with materials and create a personalized piece of religious jewellery - for teens or adults. In addition to this, Humilis also offers customers the possibility of studying a new creation together, for a tailor-made jewel according to their wishes, to be treasured with love.