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The deep meaning of a precious ornament

Rosary rings are part of the Rosary collection by Humilis and they are special pieces of religious jewellery in which, in the perfect circularity of a ring, the concept of the rosary is summed up: a symbol that sanctions the union between one’s soul and faith.

Rosary rings in gold and silver are suitable for both men and women, thanks to the combination of metals and coloured stones representing the rosary beads. In the simplest version, the beads of the jewel are made of the same material as the setting, to meet every taste and requirement.

Each finger ring with rosary, whether in 925 sterling silver or 18-carat gold, has two elements that distinguish it: the rosary beads, ten as ten are the Hail Mary prayers, and the Tau cross in the centre of the ring, which can be satin-finished or embellished with pavé zircons or natural diamonds.

A simple, elegant, and refined piece of jewellery, yet rich in spirituality and faith, perfect for enriching the wearer’s hand and making them feel close to their beliefs. Humilis rosary rings in silver and gold are the ideal gift to celebrate a milestone or give a special present to a loved one.

Rosary rings, spiritual pieces of jewellery

Rosary rings are made exclusively of noble metals such as 18-carat gold and 925 silver, and each model features a combination of metals and precious stones that enhances the beauty of this unique religious jewel.

The rosary rings, in addition to their gold or silver edition with beads of the same material, are also available in the Canticum version with coloured stones (coloured cubic zirconia in the 925 silver version and natural precious stones in the 18-carat gold version). The Canticum collection, inspired by the Canticle of the Creatures - a work by Saint Francis in which nature becomes the mouthpiece of God’s salvific message - interprets the natural elements. The four precious stones - diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies - respectively represent Brother Wind, Sister Water, Mother Earth, and Brother Fire.

Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, water-resistant, and with profound meaning, Humilis rosary rings in gold and silver are the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones. In them, the quality of Italian craftsmanship meets the splendid beauty of the rosary for a jewel that symbolizes faith and spirituality.