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Catholic ornaments dedicated to St. Francis

Humilis gold and silver cross pendants for necklaces are a representation of the Franciscan Tau, a symbol of faith and salvation. St. Francis of Assisi chose it as his representation, even using it as a signature in his missives, and we at Humilis have selected it as an emblem of our being and our values.

The Tau crosses we designed are meticulous and refined Catholic cross pendants, made of 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold, which illuminate the face with simplicity and uniqueness. They are therefore suitable to be worn on solemn occasions such as a ceremony or in everyday life, because the Tau is an unambiguous message of great inspiration.

These St. Francis’ cross pendants are iconic pieces of jewellery available in different sizes and in all finishes, such as the classic polished and satin finish or the double finish, polished in the high relief of the cross and satin in the low relief. These ornaments are therefore perfect for all tastes and prove to be unisex jewellery, suitable for both men and women.

Segno and Canticum are the collections where you will find our Catholic pendants dedicated to St. Francis. Match them with the other jewellery in the dedicated collections and create the perfect mix to let your faith shine and always carry the saving message of the Franciscan teachings with you.

Wear your faith with the Catholic cross pendants for necklaces

The line of cross pendants in the Segno collection is made of 18-carat gold and 925 sterling silver and includes many variations of the St. Francis cross, distinguishable both by the different finishes and by the size of the pendant. The Tau is made in the classic finishes applied to all Humilis jewellery, such as the polished and satin finish, obtained from the metalwork imparted by our goldsmiths, or in the special double finish. The latter, the hallmark of Humilis jewellery, is polished in the high relief of the cross and satin-finished in the low relief, giving the jewel a three-dimensional character.

The simpler St. Francis cross pendants in the Segno collection, with a polished or satin finish only, differ in size: 13 mm high and 10 mm wide; 18 mm high and 14 mm wide; 22 mm high and 18 mm wide; 27 mm high and 23 mm wide. Each of them is distinguished by a unique detail: a nail, which refers to Christ, holding the cross and counter-mesh together. The Catholic cross with the Tau with a double satin finish, in both its 925 silver and 18-carat gold versions, has a unique size of 20 mm high and 17 mm wide. The silver version is also available in the special burnished silver finish, in which the high relief and low relief are even more distinct through the different colouring of the metal (silver in the high relief and ruthenium plated silver in the low relief).

The Canticum collection is the most special of the Humilis lines as it is inspired by the Canticle of the Creatures, a prayer and literary work by the Saint of Assisi. In this line, 18-carat gold crosses are the only version available and they are embellished with natural stones in four different colours representing the four natural elements found in the Canticle. Four elegant, refined and unique cross pendants for necklaces that encapsulate the symbolism of the four natural elements praised by Saint Francis: air, water, earth, and fire. In fact, the white of the diamond cross pendant, the blue of the sapphire, the green of the emerald, and the red of the ruby represent Brother Wind, Sister Water, Mother Earth, and Brother Fire, so useful to mankind and so loved by Francis. Jewels that reinforce the salvific message of the Franciscan Tau.