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Religious jewellery to stand out from the crowd

Within the Classica collection, you can find the Humilis bangle bracelets, with their unique characteristics. They are in fact unisex jewellery, available in three different sizes, and adaptable to the wrist thanks to the flexibility of the metal that composes them.

Our silver and gold bangle bracelets tell a lot about the personality of the wearer: they are suitable for free and strong spirits, and for those who possess boldness and great charisma. These jewellery pieces depict the Tau cross that repeats itself cyclically along the entire bracelet band, and have a polished finish in the high relief and a satin finish in the low relief.

The Tau crosses that follow one another around the rigid circumference of the religious bangle bracelets make it the perfect jewel to symbolize the cyclical nature of life that always finds the strength to resolve itself in faith. It is therefore a piece of jewellery full of spirituality, suitable for those who want to strongly convey their message of faith and enrich their look in a way that does not go unnoticed. Also ideal for a gift to a loved one or as a gift to a friend: a gesture of love that is worth a thousand words.

Shine with your silver and gold bangle bracelets

Humilis bangle bracelets are made exclusively of noble metals such as 18-carat gold, rose gold, white gold, and 925 silver with their respective plating variations. The structure of the bracelet, without clasps, and the durable and flexible materials with which it is designed, allow it to adapt to your wrist. This is why only four sizes are available, so that the wearer can choose the fit that suits them.

The careful selection of metals and their alloys ranges from the more classic colours of white and yellow gold and silver bangle bracelets, through the delicate tones of rose gold and rose gold plated silver, to burnished silver. The latter consists of a special type of silver plating that remains silvery in the high relief with a polished finish, while in the low relief the satin finish brings out the Tau with a dark burnished colour. This wide choice of colours allows you to choose the rigid bracelet that best matches your style.

Being made exclusively of gold and silver, the religious bangle bracelets by Humilis are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and water-resistant. They are therefore a perfect gift to surprise a loved one with the quality of the Italian goldsmith's craftsmanship, a symbol of perfection and meticulousness, which can be seen in the peculiarity of the workmanship and its simple but always recognizable aesthetics.