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Goldsmith’s craftsmanship at the service of your serenity

The prayer rings in the Benedizione collection are religious jewellery inspired by the letter of deep friendship that St. Francis of Assisi sent to Brother Leo, when the latter felt the need for comfort and encouragement.

These are not the average praying hands rings: our jewels, whether made of 925 sterling silver or 18-carat gold, are stamped with the blessing that Francis addressed to his friend, in high relief on the outside and inside. The blessing can be read from the outside and then continued on the inside of the ring itself, and it is personalized by the addition of the Tau cross. This replaces every "t" in the missive: a reference to St. Francis and his faith.

The other distinctive element of the ring is a larger Tau cross in the centre, which acts as an incipit to the letter. The central Tau cross can be polished, like the lettering in high relief, or embellished with a pavé of white or black diamonds.

The serenity prayer ring from the Benedizione collection is perfect for both men and women thanks to the multitude of finishes and the great variety of sizes and prices available, to suit anyone who chooses to wear it.

In every colour variation, it stands for brotherly love, respect, and friendship, making it the perfect gift to seal a great relationship with two prayer rings to share to feel close to the other person.

Choosing Humilis prayer rings means celebrating the strength of the bond between two kindred souls, as unique as these jewels are.

Prayer rings: all the available variations

Prayer rings are made of 18-carat gold or 925 silver, and each model has a unique combination of metals. For example, the version of the ring in burnished gold, in which the bright yellow of the gold in the high relief is reinforced by the black contrast of the burnished gold in the low relief.

Each prayer ring is crafted using the distinctive Humilis jewellery technique, double satin-finishing, which enhances the three-dimensionality of the jewel by bringing out each word of the blessing in the high relief thanks to the polished finish contrasted by the satin roughness of the low relief.

Humilis rings are the highest expression of Italian goldsmith craftsmanship, as witnessed by the meticulousness adopted in each letter and the special satin-finishing technique. The craftsmanship of our goldsmiths and the deep spiritual meaning that invests this jewel make its value priceless. We invite you to learn more about the models of prayer rings and choose the one that suits you best.