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Gold and silver creations that will enchant you

Humilis hoop earrings are part of the Classica collection inspired by the tradition and history of St. Francis of Assisi. It takes the Tau cross, the signature of the Saint and symbol of divine salvation, and brings it back into the jewellery in a simple, linear but always recognizable way.

The Tau cross hoop earrings from the Classica collection are unisex, suitable for both men and women, thanks to their essential lines. The meticulous study of their every detail - from the pattern to the jewel’s retractable clasp - makes the earring a unique object perfectly incorporated into the earlobe.

The pattern of the Classica collection depicts the Tau cross that rotates in high relief around the entire circumference of the earring and has a polished finish, enhanced by the low relief with a satin finish. The small hoop earrings can be worn every day: given their small size and essential design, they are synonymous with simplicity, refinement, and elegance. Moreover, thanks to the precious metal combinations they are made of, they will match any outfit. Silver or gold loop earrings? Find the mix of metals that best represents you and wear them every day: it will allow you to attest to your faith and the strong message you want to shout to the world.

Elegant and symbolic hoop earrings by Humilis

The hoop earrings are made exclusively in 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, or in 925 sterling silver, yellow gold-plated silver, rose gold-plated silver, or the more unusual burnished silver. The particular workmanship of the double finish, polished in the high relief and satin-finished in the low relief, emphasizes the Tau placed in a cyclic sense, making them three-dimensional and reinforcing the Franciscan message of salvation.

The Tau cross hoop earrings are the ultimate expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship in the representation of the most traditional symbol of faith. Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and water-resistant, Humilis small hoop earrings are the ideal gift to surprise with simplicity and sophistication, and to suit every taste.

Choose the hoop earrings and wear them every day to always carry with you the spiritual values of the Franciscan Tau expressed in the love of peace, joy, and Creation.