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Our collections

Send a message
of faith to the world


the most faithful


A symbol of faith
of St Francis


A moment of reflection
and spiritual connection


Aere, Aqua, Terra and Focu
the values of nature


Layers of faith,
spirituality and charm.


A spiritual message
of virtue and sanctity

San Francesco e il Lupo

Travel, discovery,
and emotion


A touch of elegance
for an unforgettable look


Made in Assisi

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible.
And suddenly you’re doing the impossible”.
St. Francis of Assisi

Humilis Made in Assisi was born in 2004 from a deep love for the city of Assisi and for the values that permeate it.
Assisi, the city where St. Franciswas born, is part and parcel and constant inspiration for the sacred jewellery created by the goldsmiths of Humilis. Symbolic and precious treasures, handmade with mastery and sculptural talent typical of Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Sacred jewellery,
handcrafted perfection

Personalized jewellery
Your unique jewel and never existed before

Customize your jewel to make it all the more unique.

Choose the combination of metals and gems that suites you best of all and create your exclusive, personalized jewel, designed and made by you.

The jewels that can be customized are the ring from the Classica, Segno and Rosario collections, and the Tau-shaped pendant from the Segno collection.

Our Boutiques

Through its presence in jewellery shops, Humilis has spread the Franciscan message in several Italian places of worship. From the boutiques in the prestigious cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, to the jewellery shop online.

Our collaborators and our creations will allow you to walk a path of faith that by Assisi, landmark of the salvific message that St. Francis wanted to share with the world. A path that goes through the extraordinary beauty of history, landing in the different cities we paid homage to with Humilis jewellery.

Our precious products will allow you to live an unmissable experience of closeness to St. Francis’ preaching: love, solidarity, and humility for a simple life - as simple as the refined jewels that Humilis creates in Assisi.

Made in Assisi

Enter the world of Humilis Made in Assisi:
unique Catholic religious jewellery in 18K gold and silver 925, handmade, inspired by St. Francis.
Discover our collections online and in boutiques.