About Humilis

A precious story made of love and spiritual values

Humilis Made in Assisi is a project that was born in 2004 thanks to the happy encounter of skillful technique and inspiration. Fausto Baldini, born and raised in a family of goldsmiths based in Assisi since 1973, got inspired by the simplicity and authenticity of the places of origin of St. Francis. He intended to create a line of jewels dedicated to the Saint and characterized by the Franciscan cross, called TAU, that became the milestone symbol of the handcrafted jewellery by Humilis.

Each of Humilis jewels is characterized by the highest quality: all of them are created by the best goldsmith craftsmen in Umbria, and they are made only with the most noble and long-lasting alloys such as 18-carat gold and silver 925.

Elements such as gold encapsulate also a symbolic value. This precious metal, in fact, has always been used to underline and seal crucial moments in everyone’s life, making it a symbol of incorruptibility and value over time.

Thus, the jewels by Humilis are the perfect gift. Handcrafted by goldsmiths in Assisi, they are unique and highly spiritual objects, suitable for any special occasion. The Classic rings, for example, are often chosen as wedding bands to swear eternal love. But they are ideal as a gift from a father to a son too, or from grandparents to their newborn grandchildren. These jewels have the power to give happiness and memories to preserve.

We welcome you to the world of Humilis. Sacred jewellery inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, inimitable creation of Umbrian goldsmith craftsmanship.

The values that guide our goldsmith production

An essential feature of Humilis is the ethics that guide every step of the production and every side of the project.

From the jewels, handcrafted by Umbrian goldsmiths, to the furniture of the boutiques; from the window displays made of wood and stone from Assisi to the packaging: all the production is the result of local manufacture and careful craftsmanship. That’s why we can guarantee that every part of the production chain has the typical care of authentic Made in Italy.

Each collaborator is part and parcel of Humilis project and grows with us as a professional and as a person. This allows us to give our clients a unique shopping experience and to surround them with an atmosphere rich in spirituality and history. Our jewellery will help you discover fundamental values that you can keep in your heart and relive day after day.

Assisi Missio Onlus:
our charity project

The project of Humilis, inspired by the Franciscan values of love and support, has always been part of a bigger picture. That’s why we donate part of the proceeds of our sales to Assisi Missio Onlus.

The foundation, Missionary Center of the Minor Capuchin Friars of Umbria in the Amazon region, was founded on December 13th, 2013 for charitable purposes. The goal is in particular to facilitate the integral development of people: this is the reason why the foundation works in difficult situations, helping through the network of Capuchin centers and volunteers active throughout Italy and in the mission lands.

Humilis is proud to play a part in this thanks to the contribution of our clients, who help bring smiles even in difficult times. Every piece of Humilis jewellery purchased, in fact, contributes to helping the people in need, perpetuating the Franciscan values of love, support, and fraternity.

The blessing of Humilis jewels

Assisi is a land of worship: every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the world get to this sacred place to admire the city of St. Francis. Many of them, during their pilgrimage, choose to gift themselves with a jewel by Humilis, as a sign of faith in the Franciscan teachings; other people prefer to buy online. But the purchase doesn’t mark the end of the experience.

If requested, all of the handcrafted rings - even the ones purchased online - can be blessed in the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi for free.

A solemn gesture to consecrate the bond between the Saint and your soul.