San Francesco e il Lupo Collection

The story of St. Francis in a jewel

The San Francesco e il Lupo collection (“St. Francis and the Wolf” in English) is inspired by the most famous story reported in the “Fioretti” of St. Francis.

The story goes that, upon arriving in the town of Gubbio, the Saint was informed by the frightened population of the presence of a large and ferocious wolf that was tormenting them, slaughtering animals and attacking women, men, and children. Moved to compassion and inspired by God, Francis went to face the wolf alone and helpless. When he had it in front of him, he warned it not to do any more harm and promised that the people of the city would take care of it. And so it was: the wolf lived by their side in complete harmony until its death.

The prodigious encounter between Francis and the wolf is an event so full of meaning that it is alive in the minds of Christians all over the world. The wolf can be understood, in an allegorical key, as a metaphor for evil tamed by gentleness, of all our relations with the different and the unknown.

Deeply meaningful jewels

Francis' “Fioretto” embodies wisdom and realism, and shows how the fruitfulness of man’s actions depends on his willingness to be open to others.

The San Francesco e il Lupo collection carries this spiritual message of great humanity, peace, and unconditional love for our neighbour. Inspired by the iconography of Francis and the wolf, the goldsmiths at Humilis created a personal representation of the scene in which Francis tames the animal.

In the rings, the iconography has been reproduced in a medal and then applied to a Chevalier ring available in both 18-carat gold and 925 silver. The look can be completed with one of the pendants from the same line, available as a simple medal, in different sizes, or with a zircon frame outlining the contour.