Rosoni Collection

Humilis jewellery: the sacred art of Made in Italy

Inspired by the sacredness of an architectural element that symbolizes the centrality of God in the life of every man, the Rosoni collection is characterized by the faithful representation of the rosettes of the most important Italian basilicas. The one in Assisi which is dedicated to Saint Francis and the one of Sainte Clare, for example, without forgetting the Duomo in Florence.

These jewels will allow you to always carry with you a true work of art in miniature, reproducing historical and fascinating architecture. Not a simple piece of jewellery, but a unique creation capable of leaving open-mouthed anyone who receives it as a gift or wears it.

The pendants, earrings, and rings in the collection

Our jewellery declines the rosette element in pendants, earrings, and rings made of 925 silver or 18-carat gold. The religious jewellery by Humilis is characterized by a meticulous and highly detailed reproduction: this is the reason for their distinctive beauty, amplified by the double processing through the satin-finishing technique. Its purpose is to make the jewel stand out and give it an effect of extraordinary brilliance and three-dimensionality.

The Humilis jewellery from the Rosoni collection is hand-finished and polished with care and skill by our craftsmen, who pay attention to every detail of the representation. Thanks to them, our customers take away with them a true work of art, a special memory enclosed in a jewel to be treasured.