Iter Collection

Travel, discovery, and emotion with Humilis

The Iter collection by Humilis takes its name from the Latin word iter, meaning “journey” or “path”. In fact, it represents the beauty of a journey, the fascination of discovery, and the pleasure of historical and religious knowledge of the places where Humilis wanted to leave the Franciscan message. This has always been the luminous beacon of our project, which started in the Franciscan city of Assisi and landed in the marvelous Italian cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. These enchanting places have inspired the goldsmiths at Humilis to create jewellery that picks up on their most iconic architectural symbols, those that make them unique and recognizable in the world.

Iter is a tribute to the roots and spirituality that each sacred place exudes: from the Basilica of St. Francis and St. Clare in Assisi to the Roman Pantheon and St. Peter's Basilica, to the Duomo in Florence, passing through the alleys of Venice and breathing in the atmosphere of the Rialto Bridge.

The sacred jewels of the Iter collection

The Iter collection consists of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, each of which is special, with a polished and satin finish, with the addition of precious gems in the gold version and cubic zirconia for jewellery made of silver.

For each city, key symbols have been identified that bring to mind the distinctiveness and specialty of those places. Each piece of jewellery, exactly like a photograph, freezes the moment to bring back indelible memories. The lily of Florence, the dome of St. Peter’s in the Vatican, and the iron bow of the Venetian gondola are the shapes chosen to represent the cities to which Humilis wanted to dedicate a piece of its history.

Iter rings are available in many shapes and sizes, to suit every need and taste: wide or regular band, not to mention the one that depicts the skyline of Rome. Discovering Italy has never been so precious.