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Creativity and craftsmanship for a unique style

Handcrafted creations with a distinctive and sober design, in the sign of the best Italian goldsmith tradition, Humilis necklaces are surprising, simple, and refined religious jewellery that enhance the elegance of the wearer.

Our necklaces are made of 925 silver and 18-carat gold, and enriched with cubic zirconia or precious stones such as diamonds, moonstones, onyx, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The different lengths available - choker necklaces, long necklaces, and adjustable necklaces - make them the essential accessory for expressing one’s personality at its best. The multiple models of necklaces, refined and versatile, are created so that every woman can wear them with ease both at informal events, such as a lunch out with friends, and on more formal occasions, such as ceremonies or large events, in combination with the other jewellery from the Humilis collections to create unique and elegant looks.

Iter, Segno, Canticum, and Rosario are the collections where you will find the Humilis necklaces, each of which tells a different story capable of sweeping you off your feet with timeless elegance.

A close look at the collections of necklaces by Humilis

The necklaces in the Iter collection are adjustable, made of 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold, and depict the pivotal symbols of the three cities of art to which Humilis wanted to pay homage. The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the lily of Florence, and the iron bow of the Venetian gondola, small and meticulous reproductions, are placed in the centre of the necklace and enriched with cubic zirconia or diamonds set in the central element and in the link of the necklace. The necklaces in the Iter collection have simple and essential lines, and are extremely refined jewellery suitable for both daytime and evening wear for a radiant look enhanced by a shining jewel.

If the Iter collection speaks to an audience that loves art and history, we at Humilis, with our roots founded in the sacredness of faith, wanted to create the Rosario collection. This aims to bring closer the believers around the world through the creation of a line of special necklaces inspired by the rosary, to have the symbol of faith par excellence always at hand.

The Rosario collection includes two necklace models. The first is a representation of the most faithful rosary, and it is an adjustable necklace with a maximum length of 50 cm. Along the link the rosary beads are positioned, alternating in groups of ten, representing the ten Hail Mary prayers. The three beads at the end of the link, on the other hand, symbolize the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). These are also the only necklaces in the collection where the five tens are interspersed with a slightly larger bead representing the Lord’s Prayer: we can therefore call it a true rosary. In addition to the presence of the beads, which are available in different natural stones, the Rosario necklace is also enriched by a double-sided medal and a pendant Tau cross. The medal depicts the Miraculous Virgin on one side and St. Francis with the wolf on the other.

The second model in this line differs from the first in the size of the necklace, which is still adjustable but has a maximum length of 45 cm, and in the position of the distinctive elements. The Tau cross is in fact incorporated into the chain, between the beads, as if it was the continuation of the chain itself. The beads, on the other hand, are always positioned in groups of ten, but in this case they are interspersed with the elements of the Tau and the double-sided medal. Rosary necklaces are available in both 925 silver and 18-carat gold, with the Tau cross and the double-sided medal in different finishes: polished, satin-finished, or enriched with cubic zirconia pavé. Finally, the rosary beads are made of silver, gold, or precious stones, such as moonstones, emeralds, sapphires, or rubies.

The Humilis necklaces are also found in the Segno collection, in which the Tau, symbol of faith and salvation, is incorporated on the right side of the chain to make room for the three stones (zircons or diamonds) symbolizing the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The necklaces from the Segno collection are available in 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold, with the Tau cross embellished with a pavé of zircons or diamonds on both sides. The special feature of these necklaces is the exclusive clasp that the Humilis designers have designed with great care, depicting a small Tau that encircles the chain and closes the necklace. The richly detailed design makes this a precious jewel to be treasured with love.