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The Colosseum ring and other creations

The Iter collection by Humilis is inspired by the beauty of a journey, as evidenced by the Latin term that gives it its name. It represents the fascination of discovery and the pleasure of historical and religious knowledge of the places where Humilis wanted to leave its Franciscan message. Starting from the city of Assisi, this has, in fact, landed in the marvelous Italian cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, enchanting places that have inspired our vision through their iconic architectural symbols. The pivotal symbols that bring to mind the uniqueness of those places are the lily for the Florence rings, the dome of St. Peter’s in the Vatican, the Colosseum rings for Rome, and the iron bow for the engagement rings dedicated to Venice, Italy.

Iter rings are available in all sizes to suit every taste and fit. From thin band rings - designed for a feminine hand, with the element enriched with cubic zirconia or diamonds - to regular band rings - perfect for both men and women, in which the symbol creates a pattern that rotates completely around the circumference of the ring - to wide band rings - also designed for both a feminine and masculine hand. Among these you can find the rings in the Random line, in which the symbol creates an apparently random pattern that can be embellished by the addition of cubic zirconia or diamonds, or the more unusual wide band ring that shows the skyline with the most important monuments of the city to which it is dedicated.

Iter rings are jewels that tell stories and carry emotions to be shared and kept close at hand. Giving a Colosseum ring or a Florence ring, maybe for an engagement, will surprise the person receiving it with the beauty of the Bel Paese.

Engagement rings dedicated to Florence, Rome, and Venice (Italy)

The rings in the Iter collection are made exclusively of noble metals such as 18-carat gold and 925 silver, with combinations of metals such as burnished silver. These rings include various models: solitaire, band, or wide band rings, suitable for all occasions and all tastes thanks to the special processing of the metals and the addition of cubic zirconia or precious stones. Every detail further enhances the peculiar beauty of these jewels, achieving a greater contrast between the brilliance of the gems and the satin finish in the low relief of the rings.

If you’re planning to propose to your partner, you can pick your favourite Italian city and use it as an inspiration for the engagement ring: Florence, Venice, Rome, or Assisi? Maybe a Colosseum ring, or a ring with the Florentine lily? Whichever your favourite is, by choosing it you get the highest quality of Italian craftsmanship and a surely original engagement ring.

These hypoallergenic and nickel-free jewels are also the perfect gift to surprise someone by giving them a snapshot of the history and values that make Italy the Bel Paese loved by everyone.