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Precious and symbolic jewellery

The gold cross pendants are present in both the Segno and Canticum collections by Humilis, and both of them are inspired by the tradition and history of the Saint of Assisi. For example, you can find the Tau cross pendant, the signature of St. Francis and a symbol of divine salvation. The yellow, white, or rose gold crosses are pendants with a simple but always recognizable style.

The gold cross pendants in the Segno collection are unisex, suitable for both men and women, with essential lines but studied in every detail. The Humilis Tau cross, which is featured in every piece of our brand’s jewellery, is unique. Its graphic representation, in fact, has been designed with a particular curvature of the vertical stem and the horizontal line, for an even cleaner and more linear effect.

The gold and diamond cross pendants of the Canticum collection, on the other hand, are delicate feminine jewellery, in which a pavé of precious stones is set inside the cross, making it shine with unique and special light. The colours of the stones - red, green, blue, and white - are reminiscent of the natural elements praised by St. Francis in the Canticle of the Creatures, which is why the Canticum crosses are charged with an even deeper meaning.

Humilis’ gold cross pendants can be worn every day thanks to the great variety of choices and the simplicity and preciousness of the noble metals and coloured gems with which they are made. They are characterized by an essential design synonymous with simplicity, refinement, and elegance, making them suitable for any occasion, even in combination with gold jewellery from other collections. Wear the gold crosses at an important ceremony or in everyday life: the Tau is always an inspiring message.

All the variations of our gold Tau cross pendants

Humilis offers different versions of its crosses: in white gold, rose gold, and 18-carat yellow gold.

Our gold Tau cross pendants are also differentiated by the multiple finishes available. The classic Humilis jewellery finishes are applied to these pendants; for example, the polished finish, the satin finish, or the special double finish. The latter is the hallmark of Humilis jewellery: polished in the high relief of the cross and satin-finished in the low relief, it makes the jewel three-dimensional and original.

The simpler Tau crosses in the Segno collection, with a solely polished or satin finish, also differ in size. In fact, one can choose different sizes of gold cross pendants, each of which is distinguished by a unique detail: a nail that refers to Christ, which holds the cross and the counter-mesh together. The Tau cross characterized by the double finish, on the other hand, has a standard size, as do the gold cross pendants of the Canticum collection.

Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and water-resistant, Humilis gold cross pendants are the ideal gift to surprise your loved ones with handmade jewellery to suit every taste. Or wear them personally, to always carry with you the spiritual values of the Franciscan Tau that are expressed in the love of peace, joy, and Creation.