The HUMILIS Made in Assisi project, was born in the city of Assisi and is brought to life thanks to intuition of Fausto Baldini and to his family's Goldsmith experience, jewellers of Assisi since 1973.

Motivated by the simplicity and authenticity of St. Francis's origins they have created a line of jewellery inspired by the figure of the Saint of Assisi and characterized by the Franciscan Cross, the TAU.

The essential point of the project is the quality level of the jewels, which must always be very high.

All of HUMILIS’ creations are made of gold or silver, the most significant and durable of alloys from which jewellery has always been created, both being able to withstand the test of time, in regards to value and product quality.

Elements such as gold, which have a history of being pure and original, also renowned for increasing in value over time, have always been used to celebrate the important moments in everyone’s life: the wedding ring for those who swear eternal love, a paternal gift to a son, the grandparents' display of pure love for the birth of a grandchild.

As well as the focus on the quality of our jewellery, as can be seen in the small exact detail, another aspect where their jewellery differs is the production method that they use in order to preserve their high ethic standards throughout the life cycle of each and every project.

Another characterizing aspect is the production ethics with which each part of the project is treated. In fact, all production is carried out by local manufacturing with careful craftsmanship: from the furnishings of the stores, to the wooden and local stone display cases, up to the boxes for the presentation of jewels.

They only employ local craftsmen, and even though this increases their costs, they are proud owners of a creation that is entirely Made in Italy. This is reflected in a product of outstanding quality and superiority and also allows for mutual respect and collaboration with everyone involved in this project, from jeweller to cabinet maker to seamstress.

Due to their experience in the industry, they think that project success is too often determined solely by profit whereas they believe they need to strike a delicate balance with a product of the highest quality.
The HUMILIS project is balanced with an added quality; a part of the proceeds will be donated to “ASSISI MISSIO ONLUS”, the Missionary Center of the Minor Capuchin Friars of Umbria in Amazonia, who are located just in front of their own store. They are proud to lend them their support thanks to this project.

This helps to ensure that their jewellery is truly in line with the spirit of, and totally supportive of, the Franciscan mission statement and their way of life.

They would like their jewels to stand the test of time, a precious object not only to show and be seen but also to be recognized as a symbol of faith and prayer for those who have a feeling of closeness with Assisi or with the Franciscan way of life and more importantly the Franciscan spirit.

This is why they have dedicated themselves to the creations a durable and quality jewel that invokes a sense of St. Francis, the places where he lived and, in general, the Christian message of salvation and redemption that he always tried to convey.

The constant desire for self-improvement, the daily search for innovative production techniques and the numerous positive feedbacks they receive from their international customers, made the HUMILIS Made in Assisi project possible to export its creations outside its region.

Today, in addition to Assisi, they are present in prestigious locations in art cities such as Florence, Rome and Venice. In their boutiques you can discover exclusive creations dedicated to the cities that host them, authentic artistic tributes that enhance the memory of a trip to the Bel Paese.

Welcome to the HUMILIS world. Unique, handmade, inspired by St. Francis.