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To wear your faith on your wrist

Humilis bracelets, entirely handmade using exclusive techniques passed down as family heritage, are original creations of Italian jewellery. The renowned satin-finishing technique, which has always been our hallmark, gives three-dimensionality to the jewels thanks to the use of high and low relief and completes the creation of religious bracelets with a classic and timeless design.

You have many different types of Humilis bracelets to choose from: rigid ones, bracelets with genuine leather straps and with rolò chains, enriched with distinctively designed elements and the addition of cubic zirconia set between the strap links.

Our bracelets are all made of 925 silver and 18-carat gold; some also feature unusual combinations, such as bracelets with genuine leather straps and 18-carat gold or 925 silver elements.

Choosing Humilis bracelets means that you always have your faith with you, and you shine in your particular uniqueness. These bracelets are suitable for all ages and occasions, in everyday life as well as in special moments to live with style and elegance. Come and discover all the Humilis bracelets, and find the one that suits you.

Humilis bracelets in all the iconic collections

Classic and timeless design shines in all its beauty in the Classic collection by Humilis, where we find a rigid bracelet with sober proportions. Perfect for both men and women, polished in the high relief and satin-finished in the low relief to bring out the classic Humilis pattern, with the Tau crosses chasing each other in an endless circle. An ideal bracelet for everyday wear.

For a bracelet with a more elegant taste, albeit with deep religious significance, we must move on to the Segno collection. In this case, the Franciscan symbol of the Tau appears in two types of bracelets: a more elegant one, for a feminine wrist, and a simpler one suitable for both men and women.

The yellow gold plated silver bracelet with cubic zirconia is refined and graceful. The rolò-link bracelet is set with six zircons in the silver version or six diamonds in the white and yellow gold version. The Tau in the centre of the strap, embellished with the exclusive Humilis clasp also depicting the Franciscan Tau, is paved with zircons or diamonds on both sides.

The bracelet from the Segno collection in genuine leather and Tau, on the other hand, is a more classic version, suitable for both men and women, for everyday use and a casual look. The Tau cross serves both as a clasp to the bracelet and as a distinctive element, and can be chosen in three colour variants.

Canticum is the more religious line of Humilis bracelets. There are two models of these bracelets, which are a reinterpretation of the rosary to be worn at all times. Canticum bracelets are made exclusively of 18-carat gold with coloured beads representing the Hail Mary prayers. The Canticum rosary beads are made of red, green, and blue corundum or moonstone. One model is characterized by a pendant cross at the end of the bracelet, while the second one has the cross embedded in the chain that remains between the beads as if it was the continuation of the chain itself.

Iter bracelets are the line of bracelets in which the most beautiful Italian cities are represented through historical and architectural symbols - such as the lily of Florence, the iron bow of the gondola in Venice, the Roman capital, or the dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican.

Iter bracelets are available in 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold and come in two different variations. The genuine leather ones are unisex jewels with a versatile, unmistakable, and customizable design, suitable for both male and female wrists. Genuine leather Iter bracelets can be worn every day, and the element representing the chosen city acts both as a decoration and a clasp for the bracelet itself. To create your own Iter bracelet, simply choose your favourite leather - among brown, black, and purple - and the noble metal - gold or silver. With these pieces of jewellery, you can be recognizable everywhere and always carry with you a happy memory linked to your beloved city. In the genuine leather and silver-plated lily bracelet dedicated to Florence, for example, the purple of the leather and the gold of the Florentine lily are mixed in an idyllic combination.

But Iter bracelets are also ideal for more elegant and sophisticated looks, in their 18-carat gold and 925 silver versions, with the characterizing element embellished with cubic zirconia or diamonds on both sides. An example? The Iter bracelet dedicated to Venice in yellow gold with diamonds, depicting the iron bow of a Venetian gondola in the centre of the link with pavé diamonds on both sides.

Humilis bracelets are the ideal gifts to surprise and create special memories to wear every day.