Tau cross necklaces

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Stylish jewels dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi

The Tau necklaces are part of Humilis’ most iconic and classic line, the Segno collection, in which the religious symbol of the Tau is the protagonist. It was chosen because it refers to the founding values of the faith of St. Francis and it guides our creations, which have always been inspired by the life of the Saint of Assisi and the profound salvific meaning of his cross.

Tau cross necklaces are women’s jewellery with an adjustable length, available in a single model. Each St. Francis necklace is distinguished by three elements: the off-centre Tau cross on the side of the chain with double-sided cubic zirconia pavé, three beads with cubic zirconia or diamonds depicting the Trinity on the opposite side of the chain, and, in the end, the third element that distinguishes Tau necklaces. This is an exclusive clasp designed by the Humilis designers, depicting a small Tau cross that elegantly wraps around the chain.

Our Tau necklaces dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi are religious jewellery with a unique design, and they are rich in detail while remaining practical and essential. Jewellery with minimal and refined lines, completely made in Italy, is suitable for those who prefer comfort in a necklace. Without forgetting their spiritual value as a perfect symbol of faith to illuminate any outfit and feel close to one’s beliefs.

The Tau cross necklaces are ideal to wear on special occasions such as a Confirmation or Baptism, or to give as a gift for a birthday. This religious jewellery makes every day unique with a reminder of faith and hope.

Precious Tau necklaces in silver and gold

Humilis Tau cross necklaces are made exclusively in 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, or in 925 silver, yellow gold plated silver, or rose gold plated silver.

The off-centre Tau cross is embellished with a double-sided pavé of cubic zirconia or diamonds to reinforce the salvific message of St. Francis of Assisi, respecting the simple and pure values of faith.

Tau necklaces are the ultimate expression of Made in Italy craftsmanship in the representation of the most traditional symbol of faith, the Saint Francis’ cross. Hypoallergenic and nickel-free, Humilis necklaces prove to be the ideal gift to surprise loved ones with simplicity and refinement.