Rosette rings

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Timeless elegance meets Italian craftsmanship

The rosette rings by Humilis are inspired by the rosettes of Italy’s most important basilicas and they are unique because they are the most perfect and faithful representation ever reproduced in a piece of jewellery. The rose window that shines in the centre of the ring is a tiny piece of art placed on the finger, also thanks to the three-dimensionality of the jewel given by the special double finishing technique.

The shape of the rosettes is faithfully reproduced in every little detail, from the twisted columns of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi to the arches and floral details of Florence Cathedral. Rosettes are a symbol of faith that testifies to the centrality of God in the life of every man, which is why every detail is important to us: it is part of a long history of faith handed down to us, the custodians of a glorious past rich in spirituality that must not be forgotten.

A precious jewel with a Chevalier setting, the rosette ring is perfect for women but also for men. Every outfit will shine in a new light with the rosette diamond ring on your finger, on special occasions such as an elegant dinner or an important ceremony, where you will show all your uniqueness.

Rosette rings: technique supporting beauty

The rosette rings, made in Assisi, are available in 18-carat gold, silver, and gold-plated silver. Each ring is made using the double finishing technique, with which our goldsmiths treat the metal to create a double texture, polished in the high relief and satin-finished in the low relief, giving an effect of three-dimensionality and realism that is always smooth to the touch.

The rosette rings, for women and men, in addition to their classic edition are also available in the version with coloured stones from the Canticum collection. The silver one is embellished with coloured zircons (red, blue, green, and white) that recall the natural elements found in the Canticum of Creatures. In the 18-carat gold version, on the other hand, the natural elements are represented by four precious stones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and rosette diamonds rings), which enrich and reinforce the salvific message and the Franciscan values of love for Creation and respect for the perfection of nature.

Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and water-resistant, these rosette rings Made in Assisi are the perfect gift to surprise loved ones with the quality of Italian craftsmanship.