Rosari Collection

Humilis Rosari Collection, the sacredness of the rosary combined with the originality of Italian craftsmanship

The Rosari Collection pays homage to the meditative prayer of the rosary and its early Christian roots. Inspired by the medieval custom of embellishing statues of the Virgin Mary with a crown of beautiful and fragrant roses to symbolize beautiful and fragrant prayers, Humilis created a grain necklace of glimmering jewels to guide your prayers.
In offering the Virgin our prayers, we also offer her timeless beauty with our Rosari Collection.

Handmade by the gold makers of Assisi, available in 18 carat gold and 925 silver, with a stunning array of jewels from which to choose. We offer hanging and round pendant necklaces and bracelets like the silver rose gold plated Rosari necklace with pendant Tau, the rosary necklace in silver gold-plated with onyx beads. The burnished silver rosary bracelet with Tau cross and double medal with black zircons. And the Rosari Focu ring in rose gold and rubies, that sparkle in the sun.

Unique elements that redefine your style

The jewels in the Humilis Rosari Collection represent the ten Hail Mary meditative prayers. The Humilis Tau cross represents the Franciscan values that are very dear to us. And the double-sided medals depict the Miraculous Medal and the iconography of St. Francis and the Wolf. Our beautiful collection has become well loved devotional articles for our clients, enhancing a deeper meaning of ones faith.

The necklaces, bracelets, and rings from the Rosari Collection are handmade jewelry, carefully polished by skilled artisans who are attentive to the intricate details so that our clients wear a true work of art as a devotional article of faith.

The Canticum collection features precious stones of rare beauty.

The rosaries of this Collection pay homage to St. Francis’ great hymn, The Canticle of the Creatures. Brother Fire (Focu) is reflected in the vibrant ruby. The sparkling sapphire is the gem dedicated to Sister Water (Aqua). The rich emerald stone represents Mother Earth (Terra), and the milky-colored moonstone symbolizes Brother Wind (Aere). Thus, the elements of air, water, earth, and fire give meaning to these skillfully crafted pieces.