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Carry with you the values of St. Francis of Assisi

Humilis collection of Catholic medals promotes the spiritual message that St. Francis of Assisi left to posterity. Our medals, dedicated to the Saint, are made of 18-carat gold and 925 sterling silver and feature a polished and satin finish.

The iconography of the Francis of Assisi medals by Humilis depicts the story of the Saint and the wolf, and was created by our designers exclusively for these jewels.

These medals with a high religious value are available in different sizes to suit all ages and situations. The smallest version has a height of 9 mm and a width of 6 mm. Despite its modest size, the image of St. Francis and the wolf is clearly visible in every detail thanks to the skillful work of the Humilis craftsmen who shape each jewel with meticulous detail.

The other two sizes of our Catholic Saint medals available are 13 mm per 9 mm and the larger one with a height of 17 mm and a width of 12 mm. Each of them is also available in a version enriched with cubic zirconia pavé that frames the link and counter link of the pendant, for a more elegant and refined piece of jewellery, but still in the name of essentiality and simplicity.

Humilis Catholic medals for protection

Our St. Francis of Assisi medals are special jewellery, inspired by his story and therefore rich in meaning and emblematic values. The effigy depicted in our medals, in fact, portrays a scene from the famous story reported in the “Fioretti” of Saint Francis, in which he was summoned by the people of Gubbio, frightened by a ferocious wolf that was tormenting them. Moved to compassion and inspired by God, Francis confronted the wolf, alone and defenseless, ordering it not to harm the townspeople again. In return, he promised that they would take care of it. And so it was: the wolf tamed himself and lived in peace with the people until its last days.

This encounter between Francis and the wolf is an event charged with meaning. The wolf can be interpreted in an allegorical key as a metaphor for evil tamed by gentleness, and thus it becomes a metaphor for our relationship with the different, with the unknown. Francis’ “Fioretto” encapsulates wisdom, realism, and humanity, and shows how the fruitfulness of men’s actions depends on their willingness to be open to the other.

Our religious jewellery carries this spiritual message of great humanity, peace, and unconditional love of neighbour. This is why they are special gifts to give to loved ones for a Baptism or another ceremony, to remind others and ourselves that love conquers all. Wear our Catholic medals for protection, and carry the Franciscan values wherever you go.