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Handmade and precious religious jewellery

Leather bracelets can be found within the simplest and most essential Humilis collections: Segno and Iter.

Our handcrafted religious leather bracelets are characterized by minimalist lines, and they are made of 18-carat gold or 925 sterling silver and genuine leather. Their composition, with multiple finishes and different colours of leather to choose from, makes these leather bracelets perfect for men and women.

The Catholic leather bracelet from the Segno collection depicts the Franciscan Tau, the symbol of faith in Christ. The Tau in our jewellery represents the Franciscan values of love and simplicity, which is why the bracelet is designed with essential lines, without clasps or charms, with the element in the centre acting both as a symbolic decoration and as a clasp.

In the Iter collection, on the other hand, three pivotal symbols stand out in the centre of the bracelet, referring to the three Italian cities chosen by Humilis as locations for its boutiques: Rome, Florence, and Venice. These places represent a journey through Italy to discover the beauties that remind us of special moments. The concept behind the creation of this piece of jewellery, in fact, is to photograph in a unique way a place that has remained imprinted in our memory. The Iter bracelet is therefore the symbol of this indissoluble union between history and memories that come alive in the choice of your preferred symbol. A real journey among the Roman columns representing Rome, the Eternal City, the iron bow of the Venetian gondola sailing along the canals of the lagoon, or the lily of Florence recalling walks along squares rich in history.

A unique piece of jewellery, made of memories, ideal to give a touch of originality to any style and to feel close to one's own country or faith. Choose to wear it yourself, or give it as a gift to your loved ones: the Segno religious leather bracelet is perfect for a Confirmation, and the Iter genuine leather bracelet for women or men for a graduation, for example. This jewellery is the best way to make their day special with an indelible memento.

Versatile Catholic leather bracelets

Humilis handcrafted leather bracelets are suitable for everyday wear, as they are hypoallergenic and durable, created from a combination of precious metals and genuine leather.

The elements are shaped by our goldsmiths from noble metals such as 18-carat gold and 925 silver, and some are processed with a double finish for a three-dimensional effect. Genuine leather, on the other hand, is used exclusively in the strap. The quality of workmanship, refinement, and precision that Humilis craftsmen put into the creation of each piece of jewellery is synonymous with art and tradition.

The genuine leather of our religious bracelets comes from industry and, once treated by our craftsmen through a few precise steps, it is transformed into a work of art: a precious, refined, and elegant piece of jewellery that will last over time. Time passes, but leather never gets ruined: it moulds itself to our rhythm and to the passing of days, acquiring marks and characteristics due to wear and tear that make it intimately our own.

This is precisely the philosophy behind the use of real leather: nature does not create things in series, but in a unique and perfectly distinguishable way, just as we at Humilis create unrepeatable and resistant objects using what nature gives us, namely noble metals and leather. Our way of working, with raw materials of excellent quality sourced in Italy, allows us to create customized jewellery, respecting the needs of each individual. Treat yourself, or give the gift of a religious leather bracelet steeped in history, tradition, respect, and sustainability.