The roots of HUMILIS Made in Assisi ‘s history are firmly planted in its land of origin, despite this they have spread throughout the world with the very real and enduring message of Saint Francis. It is this message on which every new idea and journey has been and will continue to be based.

The jewels of HUMILIS Made in Assisi are now objects of worship, they are known and appreciated around Italy and the world by those who want to carry with them a memory made into a jewel.

A memory of faith and devotion, but also the memory of the journey of a lifetime, a city imprinted in it, a moment in time, or a smile captured in a photograph.

HUMILIS Made in Assisi wanted to create a ring that could allow a person to always carry an enduring memory about with them. An object that could encapsulate a journey in a ring, something to be worn on the hand at all times.

Assisi, Florence, Rome, Italy... The perfect journey, with its symbols, monuments and beauty, sounds and scents, beautiful colours and years of history: the glorious sunset behind the Basilica of Saint Francis, the walk on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence hand in hand with a loved one, the magnificent tolling of the bells in Basilica of Saint Peter in Rome.

It’s not just a journey in search of wonders, but an intimate, spiritual trip in search of oneself.
ITER is a journey that will never be forgotten, a lifestyle centred around the beauty of the soul and the nourishment of the spirit.

ITER is your memory, your journey, your city of soul.
ITER is a new road, a new path, a new beginning.
ITER, the new collection of HUMILIS Made in Assisi.